Monday, February 16, 2009

yeah, I have a weird sense of humor!

Having "celebrated" Valentine's Day on Friday, and said valentine being occupied with dad biz, I was happily dateless this February 14th. Had the girlfriend offers of "let's go downtown and go dancing", etc. but after a super busy day consisting of a seven mile run and a chick flick with my daughter, I just didn't feel like doing anything but vegging in the peace and quiet of my house.

BUT! I just had to go to the grocery store! My cats were whining for their canned food (spoiled damn babies!)

So, I made my way to Winco and plopped the following in my cart:

Cat food
Red wine
Assorted Lean Cuisine meals
Frozen egg rolls
Two mystery novels
and assorte other "stuff"

It struck me as I put my bags in the back of my car...

How hilariously single-woman/spinsterish my purchases were!

So I sat in my car and just LAUGHED! I laughed 'til tears were rolling down my cheeks! I laughed at how my cart looked!

The poor single woman on Valentine's Day going home to her cats, to eat her plastic-dished dinner all alone with a bottle of wine and a book...

Good thing I didn't buy a box of Kleenex while I was there!